Pendant / Ceiling / Wall


Pendant / Table / Ceiling Wall DESIGN : LUKAS PEET / 2010-2017
Designed by Lukas Peet in 2010, and inspired by spotlights, this family of pendants are based on four unique shade profiles which in combination can create 16 unique silhouettes.  The electrical cord wraps and knots around the fixture’s midsection, communicating the restriction of the two joined halves, while the mass of the fixture hangs from a 1mm thick aircraft cable allowing the fixture to seemingly float in space.

The pendants use an energy efficient LED globe light bulb on the top and bottom — one illuminates the ceiling and the other the floor.  The fixtures can easily be arranged in groups or on their own.

The standard surface finish is a textured matte powder coat, with decorative finishes available in anodized black or gold.