SLAB 150

SLAB 150


The Slab 150 light combines a visually graphic presence, impossibly slim profile and acoustic dampening properties to provide an aesthetically unique and diverse light fixture which is effortlessly useful in a myriad of applications; corporate office; crowded restaurant; dining room table, and much more.

From its genesis, the Slab series was developed with multi-functionality in mind.  The Slab series designer, Lukas Peet, had become increasingly aware of ambient noise in modern spaces and realized there was an opportunity to add sound dampening properties to a lighting fixture.  This is achieved by enveloping the fixture with 100% Merino wool, which    inherently absorbs bouncing sound waves.  The slender 15mm profile contrasted with the 150cm / 60” broad graphic face creates a remarkable impact on any space it is applied to.

The illuminated LED panel is available in both warm and neutral white (with custom colour temperatures available by request).  When illuminated the fixture provides an ambient glow, and when off the panel is clear. 

Tactile light

Enveloped with 100% Industrial grade Merino wool aiding in reducing the ambient sound in the space while offering a unique tactile finish.

Eden Locke Hotel

Edinburgh, Scotland

Eden Locke is a 72 room hotel with a cafe and bar on the ground floor that we designed in the Scottish capital of Edinburgh. The project was a complete gut renovation and comprehensive fit out of an existing hybridized structure. We took an 18th Century Georgian mansion and its 20th Century extension down to their respective bones and created the hotel from there.
- Featuring SLAB 150

“Edinburgh’s New Town (now well over 250 years old and a UNESCO Heritage Site) is a beautiful, if austere, collection of sturdy and uniform ranks of Georgian elevations. Rows of terraces and mansions clad in local grey sandstone were the physical embodiment of the Scottish Reformation. Our building is a classic example of the typology, sheathed in Craigsleith Quarry Ashlar and topped in a row of dormers under a slate roof. While the Georgians didn’t offer much in the vein of variation or embellishment, the beauty of the light and the proportional balance in their spaces are, to us, second to none
.”  - Text  Grzywinski+Pons website

Photography : Nicholas Worley

150 x 35 x 1.5 cm / 59” x 13.75” x 0.6”

Textured White Powder Coat

Finishes 100% Merino Wool

Custom colours
upon request

Fern Green
Wool White
Wool Brown
Wool Gray
Wool Black
12V DC
24W Led Panel
70 000 Hrs Lifetime
91 CRI
Dimming Low Voltage Magnetic Driver
North America - 120V Input
Europe - 230V Input
    (Remote & 277V Optional)
Integral 12V Power Supply Included (Located In Canopy)
Colour Temperature
*Other Colour Temperatures
Available Upon Request
100% Wool Felt
Factory Cord Length243 cm / 96 “
*Custom Length Available Upon Request.